003 → Writing


“Chew.” Thriller. 90 pages. Written 2023. Nominated for best undergraduate feature script at the 2024 Visions Awards.

“Len: Basketball and the War on Drugs.” Documentary. 10 pages. Written 2021. Won best undergraduate short documentary script at the 2022 Visions Awards.
“Bonesnatcher.” Thriller. 17 pages. Written 2021.
“BYOB.” Comedy. 17 pages. Written 2020.



“I don’t like the movies you like and it’s not personal” published online  22 May 2024
“REVIEW: ‘In A Violent Nature’ takes an innovative concept and accomplishes little” published online 24 March 2024
“REVIEW: Strange Kindness” published online 23 March 2024
“Blinded by (Desire For) Love: The Lobster, dating apps, and the dystopia of modern relationships” published online 24 May 2023
“The camera as a shield” published online 30 December 2022
“REVIEW: The Green Knight is a refreshing take on Arthurian legend” published online 4 August 2021


“40 years since the biggest victory in AU basketball history” published online 25 April 2022
“Analysis: Rui Hachimura’s return and the NBA’s mental health awakening” published online 3 February 2022
“Oregon sweeps American in highly anticipated game” published online 21 September 2021
“New swim coach Garland Bartlett is always ready to dive in headfirst” published online 27 August 2021